Crawlspace Repair: Do you see signs of water damage around your home? Can’t figure out where they are coming from? You might want to check your crawlspace before anything else. Sinking or swelling floors, uneven door and windows, and sunken concrete slabs point towards foundation issues in the crawlspace of your home. If your crawlspace is facing any sort of minor issue, it is quite possible it can spread. It can spread from your crawlspace to all the other corners of your home. Thus, becoming a major issue in no time. Problems with crawlspace can lead to an unpleasant odor and bad air quality around your home, water leakage issues, and other structural issues. If it is the case and you can’t deal with these crawlspace issues anymore, it is about time that you opt for the services of foundation repair experts.

We, at Cleveland Foundation Repair, provide you with cost-effective crawlspace repair services. We provide services that you can’t get anywhere else all across Cleveland, Ohio. Our complete package of crawlspace repair includes a crawlspace vapor barrier. Additionally, crawlspace insulation and other such crawlspace structural services improve the whole design of your home.  Our certified trained structural technicians perform their jobs in the best manner possible. And, with our regular maintenance services, you can rest assured that no crawlspace or foundation issue will reoccur.

Crawlspace Waterproofing

We also give you suggestions to make better decisions depending on your time and budget. We determine your problem and come up with a solution that meets your requirements within a fixed budget.  You won’t have to worry about any extra charges. You can save both time and money with our assessment and consultation services.  With our services, you can see your damp and dark crawlspace transform into a safer and cleaner space that will prevent further foundation and crawlspace issues.

Crawlspaces are usually open to almost all kinds of exposure. Therefore, they are also more prone to damage. The main concerns the crawlspace may have include air quality problems that lead to bad odor and unhealthy air quality in your home.  These are commonly caused by Stack Effect, structural problems, sunken floors and cracked windows and doors.   Water leakage problems lead to mold, mildew, and rot, all of which combine to decrease the value of your home.

Basement Waterproofing

Crawlspaces can turn into a huge mess in no time.  Rotting wood, stagnant water, sagging floors, and bad odor are factors if left unchecked. So, fixing your damaged crawlspace is the best solution to make your home a beautiful place to live in once again. We not only fix the apparent issues with your crawlspace.  Looking far and wide in your crawlspace we capture the real culprit.  We want you to have a safer and long-lasting solution to your annoying crawlspace problems. Our skilled workers and high-quality tools make it possible for your crawlspaces to be fixed properly and quickly without you having to spend large sums of money.

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier and Insulation

We fix the damage that has caused your crawlspace to look bad and smell foul by replacing rotting support tiers for better stability.   Fixing foundation issues of sagging floors and cracked concrete slabs, doors, and windows are necessary. We use crawlspace vapor barriers that are installed on floors and walls for complete encapsulation. This prevents trapping excessive moisture in your crawlspace. These vapor barriers are mold-resistant and anti-microbial and also help in improving air quality by sealing the crawlspace.  This protects against decay and wood rot.

Installing rigid foam crawlspace insulation board against the foundation walls regulates the temperature around your home and leads to fewer cold spots. The cost of crawlspace insulation depends on the type of insulation. However, the average cost of crawlspace insulation is around twelve hundred to fifteen hundred dollars per fifteen hundred sq. ft. of insulation. With our crawlspace repair services, you can sit back and relax while we do the job for you at competitive rates, fast-paced, and without a mess.