Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing SystemsBasement waterproofing and basement drainage is an important step in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of your family and home. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the damage your basement might be facing. Some of those factors include molds, leakage, high humidity levels, and radon, etc.

These factors not only cause harm to your home but are seriously hazardous for you. As well as your family’s health as well. When you begin to notice the signs of damage in your basement caused by these and other such factors, it becomes inevitable that you get the basement waterproofing services. This structural damage in your basement can further lead to an unstable foundation that then calls for foundation repair.

You are able to identify the problem and know the correct way to resolve it. However, it can be a little difficult to address the issues that are causing damage to your basement. And giving out the musty odor. The waterproofing system at Cleveland Foundation Repair aims at fixing the water drainage problems with high-quality tools and skilled workers.

Waterproofing Systems

The process of the waterproofing system is carried out by a French drain that is set near the base below the concrete surface. The waterproofing system works with the wall vapor barrier. A barrier that carries the water vapors to the French drain to keep your basement free from any kind of soil gases, mold, or mildew. This drain also collects water from under the concrete surface. Thus, carrying the water to the sump pump system that discharges the water out of the house.

The average cost to waterproof your basement ranges between two thousand dollars to six thousand dollars. Other damage prices out at around five dollars to ten dollars per square foot for labor and materials. Interior basement repairs that can be carried out without excavation can cost around five hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars.  While basement repair that requires drainage system and foundation repairs can cost over ten thousand dollars or more.

We give you our professional services at affordable rates and without any extra charges. We also determine your problem and whether you need our services or not. So that you don’t have to waste your time and money on services you don’t even need.

Sump Pump Systems: Installation and Battery Backup

A sump pump is a small pump that is set under the concrete surface of your basement or crawlspace. This system carries water out of the house via the drains. Or by water migration that occurs naturally through the soil. A sump pump is used to pump the water out of the sump basin and away from your building so that your basement or crawlspace can remain dry and free of excessive moisture and molds.

On average, a sump pump can last for ten years. However, there are a few factors that can determine the life expectancy of your sump pump, which includes the frequency of system usage. Our sump pump system is reliable, and with regular maintenance can last longer than many average sump pumps. The average installation cost of a sump pump is around a thousand dollars. We also give you a battery backup with our sump pump installation services as power outages are a common issue in every household. If you live in a place where you experience a lot of extreme weather changes and power outages due to that, getting a battery backup is always worth it.

Basement Crack Repair

We give your basement a neat and stable look with our crack repair services. Cracks can appear in your basement because of excessive moisture and other such factors. These cracks can not only lead to further damage but also decrease the value of your beautiful home.

So, before it gets too late and you have to renovate your whole home just because the crack further damaged the foundation of your home, it is better that you act wisely and call for our basement waterproofing and crack repair services. Our skilled workers put all the effort that is required to resolve all your basement issues. So that your work can be done on time and you no longer have to live with damp smell and cracking basement.

Flood Prevention

The problem of flooding the basement can be a nightmare for any household or business. The basement waterproofing and flood preventing system that we use to drain your basement. Thus, making it free from the issue of flooding is safe and doesn’t involve materials that are harmful to the environment and the health of your family.