About Us

Cleveland Foundation Repair

We, at Cleveland Foundation Repair, provide you with foundation repair services your place needs all across Cleveland, Ohio. We tend to the needs of homeowners and businesses with our wide array of foundation repair services.

Our skilled technicians can detect and solve all the problems your foundation may be facing. Some of the foundation problems that we can resolve include crumbling or cracked foundation, warped ceilings, soil sinking, uneven doors and windows, and sagging floors. Our licensed foundation repair process gets carried out with precision and accuracy. We are turning your weakening foundation into a well-leveled and strong foundation.

If your foundation has settled or is cracking, it can lead to severe structural problems for your place. So, it becomes inevitable that you use the services of foundation repair technicians. Foundation repair is the process of supporting and stabilizing the base of the structure that has shifted from its actual position. An average job of foundation repair can take up to two to three days. However, the exact length of the job depends upon several factors, including the area to be covered and the condition of the foundation.  The average cost of foundation repair can cost up to four thousand dollars. Foundation repair with hydraulic piers can cost over ten thousand dollars. Minor foundation issues can cost around five hundred dollars.

One of the significant factors involved in damaging your foundation is water. The freeze-and-thaw process leads to shrinking or swelling of the soil that creates movement beneath your foundation. This movement can further contribute to the cracks in your foundation. Expansive clay, poor drainage, extreme weather changes, tree roots, and plumbing leakage are some factors that can damage your foundation.

Why Should You Choose Cleveland Foundation Repair?

When your foundation starts to show signs of noticeable damage, getting it repaired is the only option you should go for before it leads to further damage. If your foundation needs repair, your home automatically loses its appeal, and its value mitigates. We give you valuable suggestions and determine the type of work your foundation needs so that you can make wise decisions based on genuine recommendations.

Basements, crawl spaces, and slabs are some of the foundation systems that we can repair for you by restoring their structural homogeneity. We can help you save both your time and money. By providing you services your foundation requires, rather than giving unnecessary services for more money. We also work efficiently with our tools and skills to save your money and turn your crumbling foundation into a well-leveled surface that you can tread on without any fear. Our dealings with our customers are always professional, and we never compromise on our duties. The material we use to repair your foundation is environment-friendly and poses no threat to your and your family’s health. With us, you can get excellent foundation repair services that are affordable and professional as well.