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We at, Cleveland Foundation Repair believe the foundation of our home is the base our house sits on. If that base isn’t stable and secure, it is highly likely living in that place isn’t safe either. Several factors can damage your foundation. These factors include tree roots, plumbing leaks, poor drainage, seasonal conditions, etc.

Excessive water in the foundation can sink the soil and cause uneven foundation walls. That further leads to horizontal or diagonal cracks. Thus, hinting at destabilization and bowing of the foundation walls. A damaged foundation can decrease the value of your house. Subsequently, ruining the structure of the building. Additionally, the foul smell of the mold can make it unbearable to live in the house with foundation damage. As soon as you see any signs of foundation damage, you must contact a foundation repair company for their services.

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Sometimes it is tough to find reliable and professional foundation repair contractors. Likewise, there are scammers who claim to know your problems well. These scammers give you poor services and temporary solutions. Generally, at highly expensive rates. Sometimes they create more problems instead of solving a simpler ones.

You don’t need to worry anymore. We, at Cleveland Foundation Repair, provide you with professional foundation repair services. Our services are carried out by our skilled workers. Our packages are cost-effective and environment-friendly as well. So you don’t have to worry about anything. We give you all the suggestions you need and determine if you need our services or not. Thus, saving both your time and money.

What’s the Cost?

We don’t charge you huge sums of money for unwanted and unnecessary services. Instead, we can offer you fixed packages that meet your requirements and don’t exceed your budget. With our consultation services, you can make better decisions for your home and business foundation issues.

As water can quickly enter the foundation of your home, it becomes necessary that you get your foundation waterproofed. Doing so will help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, warped walls, cracks, flooding, and wood rotting. The waterproofing of your foundation can save your home from a lot of structural damage. Often cracks can appear in your foundation as a result of flooding, the freeze-and-thaw process, and many other factors. These cracks can make your doors and windows slide from their original position.

Is it Time Consuming?

With our foundation crack repair services, you get these issues fixed in no time and at competitive rates. For foundation wall issues, we give you several solutions. These include a wall anchor system, I-beam wall brace, foundation and slab piers, crawlspace jack posts, etc. Our foundation drainage system and yard drainage applications are installed with extreme care and safety. So that your home gets no damage.

The sunken foundation of your home can get leveled up with our load-bearing piers that stabilize your sinking foundation. Also, maintain the original position of your home without you having to go for a complete foundation replacement. There are several methods that we use to fix your foundation issues. Some of those methods include polyurethane foam jacking, concrete pressed piling, steel piers system, helical piers system, concrete piers system, slab jacking or mud jacking, etc. From these foundation repair methods, you can choose the one that you deem fit for the foundation issues of your home.

Cost of Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

The price of waterproofing your foundation can vary. The average cost of waterproofing can be around five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars, or fifteen hundred per square foot foundation area covered. The general foundation repair cost can be approximately four thousand dollars. While those foundation repairs that require hydraulic piers can cost over ten thousand dollars.

However, the cost of foundation repair is much less compared to a complete foundation replacement. Foundation replacement not only costs a lot of money, but it is messy, time-consuming, and disruptive as well. So, the best option for all your foundation issues can be found at Cleveland Foundation Repair.

The basement of your house can become home to mold, excessive moisture, and plumbing leakage very quickly. These factors eat away at your basement walls and floor and cause them extreme damage. So, before this damage can reach the other parts of your home and cause significant structural damage, you must get basement repair services as quickly as possible. We can provide you with several solutions to your basement issues with the help of our skilled workers and high-quality tools.

What Goes Into Waterproofing?

For waterproofing your basement, we have sump pump systems and battery backup that we install in your basement for the drainage of water away from your home to prevent flooding, foul odor, decay, and wood rot. When the water gets collected in the sump pump, the drainage pipe carries it from the sump pump basin and out of the basement. So your basement can stay free of water and, as a result, free of any kind of damage.

If you want to get all your foundation issues resolved, do not take another second. Contact us for excellent foundation repair services that get carried out within a day with the help of high-quality tools and professional workers. Our workers are well-trained, and they always aim at resolving all your foundation issues while keeping everything around safe and secure.

We don’t compromise on our work. In every case, we bring to you our services promptly. Furthermore, we guide you step by step through the whole process. Thus, allowing you to know what is happening to your beloved home.

With our services, you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong as we keep everything under check and carry out the whole progress with extreme care. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee quality work at affordable rates and high speed.

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